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January 4
Rick Scott is sworn in as Florida governor. “In the health sector, top-down government programs treat patients like interchangeable parts on an assembly line,” Scott said in his inaugural remarks. “But patients want to be treated as individuals, choosing their own doctors and making their own decisions in consultation with those doctors.”

January 5
Only days after releasing new guidelines to physicians on subjects to be covered during Medicare-paid annual office visits, CMS withdraws them. Expressing disappointment, Paul Malley notes that forward-thinking physicians will still discuss advance care planning with their patients. “Americans do not require government permission or guidance to begin important family conversations about end-of-life care preferences…Federal and state officials can do their part by removing the remaining statutory and regulatory barriers to effective and patient-centered advance care planning.”

January 10
A Miami Herald story published in advance of a three-day seminar on aging issues at the University of Miami tells the story of 70-year-old woman who was diagnosed with colon cancer, filled out Five Wishes and later died peacefully, surrounded by family. “It was the worst experience of my life," recalled her eldest daughter. “But we knew what she wanted and that made a bad situation a little better.” The death caused the daughter to schedule a colonoscopy and fill out her own Five Wishes.

January 11
“Fortunately, it's getting easier for Americans and their professional advisors to plan for a person's final days,” notes Dow Jones investment columnist Marshall Eckblad in his Dow Jones Financial Adviser column. “As one example, the organization Aging for Dignity, in Tallahassee, Fla., has for 14 years published a short and simple document that addresses crucial end-of-life decisions.”

January 18
The New York Post publishes Jim Towey’s guest commentary that points out that end-of-life policymaking ought not be made behind closed doors. “[T]here are no substitutes for transparency, full disclosure and an opportunity for faith communities, disability-rights groups and other elder organizations to have input in the process...Yet Republicans will do the country no favor by grandstanding on the issue. If there's one topic that cries out for an open, civil dialogue, it’s this.”

January 29
Paul Malley laments the CMS decision to withdraw its guidelines promoting physician-patient advance care planning consultations just four days after releasing them. “Floridians, however, should be encouraged that improving end-of-life care is a goal that has enjoyed broad bipartisan support in our state and has benefitted greatly from enlightened leadership like that of former Florida Govs. Lawton Chiles and Jeb Bush, and now, Gov. Scott,” he wrote in a South Florida Sun-Sentinel commentary. “Aging, illness and death transcend political affiliation and philosophy.”

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January 27
After a devastating earthquake in Haiti, Aging with Dignity does its part to help by offering complimentary Haitian Creole Five Wishes to those evacuated to the United States. Complimentary Haitian Creole documents are offered in partnership with the United Health Foundation and the American Hospital Association.

March 3 -6
AWD President Paul Malley and staff attend and exhibit at the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. AWD Board of Directors member Leslie Piet presents a workshop.

March 10
Paul Malley is the keynote speaker at the 5-Star Social Work Appreciation Evening hosted by VITAS Innovative Hospice Care in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event also honors outstanding area social workers.

Aging with Dignity staff attend and exhibit at Ambassadors for Aging Day at the Florida state capitol building. The event is held annually during the legislative session and is hosted by the Department of Elder Affairs.

March 29
Aging with Dignity continues its tradition of hosting Easter lunch with residents of Summer Trace, a Panacea, Florida subsidized housing development for low income seniors and others in need. Hope Today Project Coordinator Andy Buchleitner and AWD staff also deliver lunches to other Hope Today clients.

March 30
The Associated Press moves a national story observing the five-year anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo. Paul Malley is quoted in the story noting that despite an uptick in interest due to the case, there are still too many people without advance directives.

April 9
At the “Can We Talk?” Symposium in Denver, Colorado, Paul Malley presents a Five Wishes workshop, meets with many Colorado distributors and staffs the AWD exhibit table.

April 14
AWD Founder Jim Towey is the keynote speaker for Nevada Healthcare Decisions Day at the Community Senior Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Paul Malley makes opening remarks and thanks event host Nathan Adelson Hospice. Local representatives include staff from Sen. Harry Reid’s office, as well as James M. O’Reilly, the elder law attorney whose legal opinion secured Five Wishes in Nevada.

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons officially proclaims April 16th “Nevada Healthcare Decisions Day” and praises Five Wishes. “[E]asy-to-understand advance directives that are written in plain language, such as Five Wishes, are desirable because they enable completion and foster important family discussions in Nevada.”

April 15
Aging with Dignity praises President Barack Obama for his Executive Order directing hospitals participating in Medicare/Medicaid to allow bedside access to the patient’s legally designated health care agent. Malley said the President’s order is “a tremendous victory for all patients everywhere, particularly those whose designated health care agent is someone other than an immediate family member.”

April 16
AWD and 77 Five Wishes partner organizations participate in the third annual National Healthcare Decisions Day.

April 20
An explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform results in millions of gallons of crude oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and putting hundreds of Franklin and Wakulla county seafood and tourism workers out of work. These two counties served by Hope Today were already economically depressed.

April 22-23
Paul Malley and AWD Board of Directors member Leslie Piet attend the annual conference of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in Washington, D.C., and meet many of the largest Five Wishes distributors at the AWD exhibit table.

May 3-4
The staff of Aging with Dignity attend sessions at the annual United Partners for Human Services Conference for Excellence in Nonprofit Management & Leadership at Tallahassee Community College. AWD founder Jim Towey is the keynote speaker.

May 14
Aging with Dignity relocates its Tallahassee, Florida headquarters to a space that better meets the needs of the growing organization.

May 25-27
Paul Malley is the keynote speaker at a dinner event hosted by DaVita Dialysis and VITAS hospice in Riverside, California. Malley meets with Five Wishes distributors at Providence Hospital in Burbank and executives at Healthcare Partners to negotiate multi-year license agreement. He delivers the keynote presentation on Five Wishes and medical orders at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

June 9
WTVM-TV in Columbus, Georgia profiles a 76-year-old woman whose Five Wishes took effect when she was unconscious after suffering a head injury during a fall.

July 19
Paul Malley attends the CMS National Medicare Education Program Meeting in Washington, D.C., and presents Five Wishes to the Ethics Committee at Bethesda Medical Center.

August 3-5
Paul Malley presents Five Wishes to officials of Cherokee Nation Healthcare at its tribal headquarters in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, conducts training sessions and meets with Elder Care Services. Shortly thereafter, Cherokee selects Five Wishes for use across its expansive health care network.

August 25, 20
Paul Malley represents Aging with Dignity at the Transforming Care at the End of Life project planning meeting in Washington, D.C. The planning meeting included about 30 representatives of organizations such as the American Bar Association, American Medical Association, AARP and several national palliative care experts.

September 14-15
Jim Towey is the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin End of Life Coalition Conference in Milwaukee, where Paul Malley offers opening remarks. Towey, AWD Chairman of the Board Guy Smith and Paul Malley hold a roundtable meeting hosted by Aurora Health Care with the Wisconsin Hospital Association and the Wisconsin Medical Society.

September 20
Paul Malley attends a statewide planning meeting in Orlando, Florida related to Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

September 27
Aging with Dignity debuts on Facebook.

October 3-5
Paul Malley and Aging with Dignity staff meet with hundreds of potential Five Wishes partner organizations at the AWD exhibit table during the annual conference of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice in Dallas, Texas. Former President George W. Bush is the keynote speaker.

October 3-5
Paul Malley and AWD staff represent Aging with Dignity at the International Congress on Palliative Care Conference in Montreal, Canada. For the first time, the Five Wishes exhibit is trilingual, with information in English, Spanish and French. All 26 translations of Five Wishes are also available. Attendees from Australia to Brazil, and from Switzerland to China, among others, take home Five Wishes materials.

October 17
Paul Malley is the phone-in guest on KFBK-AM’s “Aging with Dignity” program in Sacramento, California. Malley and program host Ed Outland discuss the importance of advance directives.

October 25-26
Paul Malley attends the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ National Medicare Education Program meeting.

November 4
Paul Malley gives an early morning presentation to the men’s breakfast group of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Tallahassee, Florida. Former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Major Harding, who helped to launch Five Wishes, tells how the document continues to benefit his family.

November 12
Paul Malley attends the Center for Practical Bioethics Conference, “Remembering Nancy Cruzan,” in Kansas City, Missouri.

November 17
“Many shy away from planning their exit,” begins a San Diego Union Tribune guest commentary by Mario Garrett, Ph.D., a professor of gerontology at San Diego State University. “Communication is vital, and discussing Five Wishes is a good way to start.”

November 18
“Facing Death,” a 60-minute documentary in the PBS-TV series Frontline, explores end of life care and patient wishes. Aging with Dignity and Five Wishes are prominently featured on the companion website’s “Resources” page.

November 18-20
Paul Malley is invited to participate in a full day conference at the Harvard University Department of Health Communications in Boston, Massachusetts. “The Conversation Project” is a national initiative led by former columnist Ellen Goodman. The roundtable conference brought together about 30 experts – from the fields of public relations, communications, and palliative care – to discuss how best to inspire widespread social change. Other invited experts came from top PR firms; Harvard, Duke, Dartmouth, and Georgetown universities; AARP; and patient/elder advocacy organizations.

November 22
At the annual Thanksgiving luncheon at Summer Trace in Panacea, Florida, AWD staff and Summer Trace residents enjoy the meal together. Covered plates are delivered to the homebound Hope Today clients who are unable to attend.

December 6
Paul Malley gives a Five Wishes at Work presentation to representatives of the Deloitte Consulting Group in Chicago, Illinois and later attends the screening of the documentary “The Making of the Last Wish” with AWD Board of Directors member Pat Russell.

December 16
Paul Malley’s guest commentary published in the Raleigh News & Observer discusses the death of Elizabeth Edwards in North Carolina. “A large and growing body of research shows that when people are sick and near the end of life, they want what Elizabeth Edwards got: to be at home, surrounded by loved ones and free from pain...Her ‘good death’ ought not be the exception.”

December 22
Staff members of Aging with Dignity again host a Christmas party at Nellie’s Assisted Living Facility in Monticello, Florida. Cookies and other goodies were served and each of the residents received Christmas cards and wrapped gifts.

December 29
Paul Malley praises the CMS release of new guidelines that includes advance care planning in the roster of topics to be covered in annual Medicare-paid doctor visits. The new guidelines are thus “a positive step towards strengthening patient rights and patient-centered care.”

December 31
Aging with Dignity concludes one of its best years yet. Another one million or more copies of Five Wishes enter national circulation, bringing the total to more than 15 million.

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A major study published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine demonstrates that Five Wishes helps reduce anxiety among adolescents and young adult users who themselves have a serious life-limiting illness, such as cancer or AIDS. The study, “How I Wish to be Remembered: The Use of an Advance Care Planning Document in Adolescent and Young Adult Populations,” was conducted by the Pediatric Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health.

The Spanish language version of the popular Next Steps guide, Siguientes Pasos, makes its debut.

Aging with Dignity President Paul Malley argues that the rights of a designated health care agent should certainly include access to the patient’s hospital bedside. “Many people choose someone other than a spouse or relative and that person should have access regardless of visitation policies.”

In a Baltimore Sun guest editorial, “Wrong Solution,” Paul Malley comments on the arrest of Final Exit Network members and urges lawmakers considering health care reform to “create a system that supports dignity, manages pain, provides access to quality palliative care, and unequivocally recognizes that each person in our society deserves something better than a lethal prescription. Suicide is always a symptom of a problem; it should never be the solution to one.”

Aging with Dignity exhibits Five Wishes at the Spiritual Care Summit in Orlando. Paul Malley and Long Beach Memorial Hospital Director of Pastoral Care Rev. Karyn Reddick co-present at a workshop titled “Heart & Soul: Healthcare Decisions in Diverse Communities,” at the American Society of Aging/National Council on Aging convention in Las Vegas.

U.S. Department of Energy employees learn about Five Wishes during presentations made by Paul Malley at several of its Washington, D.C. area offices.

In a Cleveland Plain Dealer guest commentary, Paul Malley notes Ohio has the worst advance directive laws in the nation. “Ohio makes it especially difficult because it mandates a verbatim 1,700-word Miranda-like warning, the longest such notice in the nation. The notice soberly details the legal authority, rights and obligations arising from a power of attorney for health care, and it even dictates what the notice must look like.”

Five Wishes partner organizations across the country celebrate National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16th by stepping up their community outreach efforts using Five Wishes. College and university gerontology and social work programs

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle issues a gubernatorial commendation, praising Aging with Dignity and Five Wishes. Aurora Health Care, the state’s largest health care provider, announces it will use Five Wishes in all its facilities.

Paul Malley’s published letter to the editor of the Illinois Bar Journal points out that Five Wishes meets Illinois legal requirements and was developed with assistance of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging in 1997. “Some 13 million copies of Five Wishes later, there have been zero cases of litigation in Illinois or elsewhere. Indeed, Illinois ranks among the top five states where Five Wishes is distributed. What few complaints we receive about Five Wishes generally come from people in non-Five Wishes states who don’t understand why they must use government words and forms to express their own personal wishes.”

Aging with Dignity and Five Wishes are prominently featured in the Wall Street Journal story, “Preparing for the Final Hours.” Two months later, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report discusses the many merits of Five Wishes and advance care planning.

August 19
A national discussion on appropriate advance care planning for the nation’s veterans is started with Aging with Dignity founder Jim Towey’s commentary in the Wall Street Journal, “The Death Book for Veterans.”

August 23
Jim Towey and a Department of Veteran’s Affairs official appear on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” to discuss “Your Life, Your Choices,” the VA advance care planning document. Aging with Dignity urges the VA to pull the document entirely from use, which it does shortly thereafter.

September 8
New York City, NY – Paul Malley testifies at hearings for the New York Senate Committee on Aging led by Senator Ruben Diaz regarding H.R. 3200: American’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and Its Impact on Senior Citizens.

September 9
Paul Malley and Gloria Keeney attend and distribute Five Wishes at the Wisconsin End of Life Coalition Conference at the Marcus Majestic Theater. AWD founder Jim Towey’s commentary, “Your Life is Not Worth Living,” is posted at National Review Online and details the history of AWD’s involvement with the VA’s “Your Life, Your Choices.”

September 30
The Spanish language version of My Wishes, Mis Deseos, makes its debut.

December 7
Aging with Dignity introduces a new edition of Five Wishes which adds Nevada and Kentucky to the list of states where Five Wishes is legally valid.

December 31
A year-end tally shows some 14 million copies of Five Wishes are now in national circulation, distributed by more than 23,000 partner organizations. 2009 was the first year in which two million copies of Five Wishes were distributed in a single year.

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January 17
The Tallahassee Democrat and Gainesville Sun newspapers publish guest editorials by Paul Malley commenting on the recent lecture delivered at UF by Jack Kevorkian. “An Antidote to Assisted Suicide is Aging With Dignity” and “UF Gave A Soapbox to a Convicted Murderer” were the respective titles.

January 20-22
More than 600 people hear nationally renowned physician and author Dr. Ira Byock discuss end of life care during a three-day conference cosponsored by Aging with Dignity, Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Dr. Byock assisted in the initial development of Five Wishes.

“Sharing the Gift,” a guide to making effective Five Wishes community presentations, is completed and released. The presenter’s guide includes a history of Aging with Dignity, a list of support resources and wish-by-wish instructions for completing Five Wishes. National distribution of Five Wishes reaches the 12-million mark.

October 22
On the tenth anniversary of the national release of Five Wishes, Aging with Dignity begins “Five Minutes with Five Wishes,” a free periodic e-newsletter designed to keep the some 15,000 partner organizations and others updated on Five Wishes activities across the country.

November 18
At the Baltimore County Conference on Aging Annual Conference, former Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran announces statewide distribution of Five Wishes to all Maryland residents through the state’s Department of Aging. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley calls on all Marylanders to hold family discussions on advance care planning.

Five Wishes is translated into the Philippine languages Tagalog and Ilocano, bringing to 23 the number of languages in which Five Wishes is available. The popular Next Steps guide is translated into Spanish. Siguientes Pasos will help Spanish-speaking families better discuss and plan for care in times of serious illness.

December 9
Aging with Dignity hosts “Five Wishes Colorado” in Denver featuring Aging with Dignity founder Jim Towey and invites all Five Wishes partner organizations. Paul Malley notes there are a million Five Wishes in circulation in Colorado, distributed by some one thousand partner organizations. Plans are made to convene a statewide symposium on advance care planning in 2009.

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March 3-7
Attendees at a disaster preparedness panel held during the American Society on Aging/National Council on Aging conference in Chicago, Illinois hear Paul Malley describe Hope Today relief and recovery efforts conducted for clients affected by Hurricane Dennis. The updated Five Wishes instructional DVD is previewed during the Authors and Producers portion of the Aging 2007 Annual Reception. National distribution of Five Wishes reaches eight million.

April 10
Jacksonville, Florida Mayor John Peyton officially signs his Five Wishes during a ceremony hosted by Five Wishes partner organization Community Hospice of Northeast Florida. Mayor Peyton urges the families of Jacksonville to discuss and plan in advance for times of serious illness.

April 18-20
Aging with Dignity and Five Wishes exhibit at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization annual conference in Washington, D.C., giving Aging with Dignity the opportunity to meet some of its largest hospice partner organizations. Paul Malley meets with officials from the National Institutes of Health and the American Hospital Association and attends a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services press conference with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and U.S. Administration on Aging Secretary Josefina Carbonell.

June 6
Paul Malley returns to Washington, D.C. to give a Five Wishes presentation at the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations. The next day, Aging with Dignity, the U.S. Administration on Aging, the American Hospital Association and the United Health Foundation make a joint announcement at the National Press Club that Five Wishes will be translated into 20 new languages. United Health Foundation Director Reed Tuckson, Sec. Carbonell and Paul Malley announce the 500,000 Wishes Campaign.

June 21
Paul Malley and Ruth Sullivan of Maryland’s Shore Health System discuss Five Wishes on Mike Cuthbert’s national radio show, AARP Primetime Radio.

August 15
Aging with Dignity introduces the Spanish language version of the Five Wishes (Cinco Deseos) instructional DVD. An updated English language version was released earlier in the year.

August 23
Hope Today Coordinator Andy Buchleitner receives the Above and Beyond Award for Direct Service presented by the United Partners for Human Services. UPHS is a group of approximately 100 North Florida human service organizations.

October 5-7
On the tenth anniversary of her death, Aging with Dignity founder Jim Towey hosts the Remembrances of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Conference at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA. The conference attracts attendees from all over the world for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the woman and the work that inspired Aging with Dignity. Aging with Dignity board members and staff also attend.

More than ten million copies of Five Wishes are now in national circulation.

December 14
Paul Malley is appointed to the Veterans Administration Chief Operating Officer’s Panel of Experts in Advance Care Planning. The 18-member panel is comprised of medical, ethics and legal experts.

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April 7
Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmonson issues an opinion that Five Wishes meets the legal requirements in the state of Oklahoma, thus making it the 38th Five Wishes state. National distribution of Five Wishes surpasses the seven-million mark.

May 25
Aging with Dignity introduces My Wishes, a conversation tool for seriously ill children, their families and health care providers, at the National Child Life Conference in Dallas, Texas.

October 18
Florida Gov. Jeb and Columba Bush, Justice and Mrs. Major Harding and Rhea Chiles are among many distinguished guests who attend a gala celebrating the tenth anniversary of Aging with Dignity. President Paul Malley announces the translation of Five Wishes into 20 languages through a project supported by the United Health Foundation. The goal is to reach ethnic minority groups and transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.

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March – June
Five Wishes is featured in nearly every major national news outlet, including CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Time Magazine, and many others, in response to heightened public interest in end-of-life issues stimulated by the Terri Schiavo case. Throughout the spring, Aging with Dignity fields an unprecedented number of requests for Five Wishes, receiving more than 6,000 requests per day. Over two million Five Wishes are distributed in 2005 alone, bringing total national distribution to more than six million.

April 28
Paul Malley joins the Florida secretaries of Elder Affairs, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Management Services on the steps of the Florida Capitol to discuss advance care planning options in Florida.

Aging with Dignity launches the Hope Today pilot program, assisting seniors and the disabled in need by offering the emotional, material and spiritual support necessary for them to live with a continued sense of dignity and self-worth.

May 12
Paul Malley is appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to represent the state of Florida at the White House Conference on Aging, an event held every ten years to help shape public policy on aging-related issues.

June 6
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford signs Five Wishes legislation, thus making South Carolina the 37th Five Wishes state.

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June 25
Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski signs the “Five Wishes bill,” making Five Wishes a valid advance directive for residents of the state, thus making Alaska the 36th Five Wishes state. Paul Malley offers expert testimony to the Alaska State Legislature prior to the bill’s passage.

November 20
Paul Malley is interviewed by anchor Campbell Brown as the NBC Today Show features Aging with Dignity and Five Wishes for the third time. Distribution of Five Wishes exceeds four million.

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January 10
The Alliance of Work Life Professionals announces Aging with Dignity as one of three recipients of the 8th Annual Innovative Excellence Award.

October 22
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson joins Paul Malley and Jim Towey to mark the five year anniversary of Five Wishes as a national advance directive. Five Wishes distribution surpasses the three-million mark.

Aging with Dignity introduces the “Five Wishes at Work” employer packet to help companies distribute Five Wishes to employees and their families. The packet includes an implementation guide and sample promotional messages to enable easy distribution. It is used by employers such as Federal Investors, Fannie Mae, the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Justice, Delta Airlines and 3M.

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President George W. Bush appoints Aging with Dignity founder, Jim Towey, as the Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

March 4
Paul Malley is selected by the Aging with Dignity Board of Directors to succeed Jim Towey as the second president of Aging with Dignity. National distribution of Five Wishes exceeds two million.

October 18
Aging with Dignity releases the “Elder Issues Report Card” for Florida gubernatorial candidates in order to focus attention on the needs of seniors and the disabled and to assess the candidates’ plans to serve this population.

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Aging with Dignity introduces the Next Steps guide, a step-by-step guide on discussing and coping with serious illness.

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January 9
The Five Wishes video is introduced. Over the next six years more than 13,000 copies are requested by families and organizations as a resource to begin the important advance care planning conversation.

June 6
U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum and Florida Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson discuss issues concerning elders and their caregivers at an Aging with Dignity U.S. Senate Candidates Forum.

July 1
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awards a grant for the “Five Wishes at Work” program, which helps employees plan ahead of serious illness, both for themselves and their aging family members. This takes discussion of end-of-life care from the bedside to the office and increases the likelihood that more people will have these conversations before a health crisis. Within six years, more than 600 businesses supply Five Wishes as a benefit to their employees.

December 8
A new edition of Five Wishes is introduced. California and West Virginia become the 34th and 35th Five Wishes states, thanks to simplified advance directive laws in those states. National distribution of Five Wishes surpasses one million.

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December 7
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Mrs. Columba Bush, Mrs. Rhea Chiles, Florida Chief Justice Major Harding, members of the Florida Cabinet, Senate, and House of Representatives, as well as leaders from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths participate in the Summit of Faith, the centerpiece of Awakening 2000.

December 7
Gov. Jeb Bush announces he will provide Five Wishes to all state employees and encourages others to do the same, thereby sparking interest in Five Wishes as an employee benefit for both large and small employers.

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January 1
The Health Foundation of South Florida awards a three-year grant to Aging with Dignity for an education project to promote the effective use of advance directives in Dade (Miami) and Broward (Fort Lauderdale) counties. Cinco Deseos is introduced and hundreds of workshops target Spanish-speaking residents.

May 8
Aging with Dignity hosts a standing-room-only Florida Gubernatorial Forum. Candidates Jeb Bush, Lt. Gov. Buddy McKay, Florida Sen. Rick Dantzler, and Florida Rep. Keith Arnold participate in a debate on aging policy and end-of-life care.

October 22
The national version of Five Wishes, supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is introduced at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., with Eunice Kennedy Shriver joining Jim Towey. Five Wishes is featured within 24 hours by CNN, National Public Radio, and USA Today, among others. Matt Lauer interviews Jim Towey on the NBC Today Show.

December 7
Gov. Lawton Chiles joins Governor-elect Jeb Bush and members of Florida’s Cabinet to launch Awakening 2000. This year-long effort seeks to mobilize spiritual and government leaders in preparation for the new millennium and focus on the needs of elders and the disabled.

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March 6
Aging with Dignity President Jim Towey testifies before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging regarding the needs of citizens who raise children while caring for parents.

July 24
Aging with Dignity, along with Gov. and Mrs. Chiles and Florida Supreme Court Justice and Mrs. Major Harding introduce Five Wishes. Aging with Dignity receives more than 10,000 requests for the document within three weeks. Subsequent national news coverage triggers demand for Five Wishes across the country.

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June 1
Aging with Dignity is founded with initial support from The Claude Pepper Foundation, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

September 12
Florida Governor Lawton Chiles convenes the first Aging with Dignity forum that looks at aging in America and includes a presentation by Peter G. Peterson, chairman of the prestigious Blackstone Group, and author of Gray Dawn. Aging with Dignity contributing supporters include Extendicare, Beverly Health, and Unysis.

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