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Five Wishes Online enables users to create a customized Five Wishes living will using an intuitive online interface that allows them to print, save and email their completed document. Five Wishes Online can be used in all 50 states. If a user's state has any unique requirements, Five Wishes Online automatically includes these documents at no additional charge. Individuals can now take care of their Five Wishes without waiting for a package to come in the mail. Employers and benefits providers can share Five Wishes with employees and members instantly - saving time and distribution costs


First decide how many uses you want to purchase. Buying 1,000 or more gives you access to our best rate: $1 per use. We offer two purchasing options:

1. Buy all your uses up-front. You can buy as many or as few uses as you'd like using a credit card. All of the information you'll need will be only be a few clicks away!

2. Five Wishes Online licensing. Purchase 1,000 uses or more and we'll set up your account to allow as many uses as you tell us. We'll invoice you quarterly for however many people complete their Five Wishes thanks to you.

To learn more, check out our Five Wishes Online Implementation Guide and Sample License Agreement.


They'll bypass the payment page and get started on Five Wishes Online immediately.

A use will only be deducted from your account if the user completes the document - so there's no waste!


Order 1,000 or more uses and the back page of Five Wishes can be printed with your custom message - a physical reminder of who gave your audience Five Wishes Online.

We'll customize Standard Five Wishes for free. View examples of what other organizations have done here.


If you want to share Five Wishes Online another way, we can give you an "access key" that you can send in an email, mail on a postcard, or just tell someone! All they'll have to do is visit Five Wishes Online, enter your access key, and get started.


Sure! Visit our Five Wishes Online Sample Page to create a user account and go through the same experience your audience will have. The only difference is you won't be able to print a completed Five Wishes document that can be used - the version you'll see will have a watermark reading "SAMPLE" on it and can't be signed.


Contact or in Aging with Dignity’s Outreach Department if you want to discuss licensing and customization.

If you're planning to buy your uses up-front and don't plan to customize, click here to purchase your uses and get started!

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