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The Value of Membership: An Anniversary Message

We’ve grown in size and influence
February 2nd, 2021

Aging with Dignity considers you a valuable member of our growing community of Americans who care about the elderly poor and disabled, particularly those facing difficult end-of-life decisions. 

Whether you contacted us to get a copy of Five Wishes (America’s most widely-used living will with nearly 40 million copies now in circulation), donated in support of our advocacy efforts, or signed-up for free membership, we consider you a valuable member of the Aging with Dignity family.

There is no cost to you for this membership.  The sale of Five Wishes and the generosity of our donors allow us to provide our web-site services, toll-free hotline, Hope Today visitation program for shut-ins and others in nursing homes, and advocacy initiatives – all at no cost.  Even better, throughout our 25-year-history, Aging with Dignity has maintained our independence.  We are not funded by government, health or long-term care providers, pharmaceutical companies, or any group with a financial interest in U.S. policies as they pertain to the elderly poor and disabled.  We are here for the “little ones.”

Mother Teresa of Calcutta would have it no other way.  I was legal counsel to her for 12 years, traveled with her on occasion, and watched her love in action as it did wonders.  In a letter at the time of our founding, she wrote to me, “There are among us so many who are poor and elderly, in need of our understanding, respect, love and compassion, especially if they are sick, handicapped, helpless or alone…My prayers is that God may bless Jim and his beautiful work of being a channel of God’s love to His little ones.”

2021 Challenges

Our 25th anniversary comes at a time like no other in our history.  The pandemic – and the governmental response to it – have led to the death of hundreds of thousands of elders, and isolated millions more.  This crisis has highlighted how quickly the elderly can be isolated and forgotten, consigned to lives of loneliness.  Their needs, and those of their children and caregivers, demand priority attention from our leaders.

To commemorate our silver jubilee as a non-profit organization:

  • Aging with Dignity has opened a new Washington, D.C. office to enhance our advocacy and impact.
  • Our website has a new look to provide timely and relevant information on a wide range of subjects, including the influence of artificial intelligence on the lives of seniors. 
  • And I will be sending out regular communications to keep you looped in on the latest, including how you might join your voice to ours.

Aging with Dignity does not believe that the size of an organization determines its greatness.  We draw inspiration from the example of King David of three millennia ago who teaches us that being little is not a limitation as long as you trust in God and the power of truth.  Mother Teresa did, and she made the world a better place.  We hope to do the same, and with your input, ideas and support, we will!

Send us an email at feedback@agingwithdignity.org and let us know what you think.  Our Tallahassee and Washington offices are here for you.  Aging with dignity is your right – and our mission!

Jim Towey


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