Melissa Corsair

Melissa Corsair Administrative Assistant

I have had two members of my family, a grandmother and an aunt, fall ill and pass away suddenly. My grandmother was older so we were not as shocked, but my aunt was relatively young. My grandmother did not have an advance directive which made planning for her care at the end of her life as well as making plans after her death rather difficult on my family. My aunt, on the other hand, did have an advance directive, a Five Wishes in fact, and therefore we knew exactly the care she wanted, some of which surprised us. Going through both of these experiences showed me that one is never too young to complete an advanced directive, and that things of this importance should not be left to the last minute. Working at Aging with Dignity allows me to help people receive the materials they need to plan for these events, as well as help them talk with other members of their family about the necessity of advance directives.