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Dr. Fauci’s Confession

The elderly deserve an honest accounting on what took place during Covid
January 12th, 2024

January 12, 2024

By Jim Towey

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the single most influential voice in both the Trump and Biden administrations on the policies and practices on governmental policies during the Covid pandemic, is finally ‘fessing up.

This week he appeared before a Congressional committee charged with a “lessons learned” exercise, and was placed under oath.  He admitted to the members of the House that there was no scientific basis whatsoever for the six-foot social distancing mandate he promoted.  This admission made headlines.

You will recall how he relished his role in the media as the master of the Covid rules and chided those who didn’t enforce or follow them.  Remember all of the stickers on the ground in airports, banks and grocery stores requiring citizens to stand apart from each other?   Remember the photos of school children seated at a distance from each other in classrooms and cafeterias?  All of this, we now know, was unnecessary.  I wrote several opinion pieces that were critical of this mandate and they triggered heated rebuttals from some readers who were his most ardent supporters.  After all, who was I to question America’s favorite doctor?

Elderly suffered the most

Meanwhile, the Covid-era damage report worsens.  Perhaps the most dreadful consequence of the public health mandates played out in the lives of the elderly.  It wasn’t bad enough that they carried the heaviest load in Covid mortalities.  I saw how the social distancing mandates were implemented in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  The elderly and disabled were systematically isolated.  Common eating rooms were closed; meals were brought to their rooms.  Men and women craving for contact and human connection, Alzheimer’s patients longing for familiar routines and faces, family members and friends who wanted to touch their loved ones, paid the price for this “six-foot” folly Fauci tirelessly promoted.  Many of the elderly have never recovered from this trauma.

Fauci’s admission this week comes in the wake of other revelations of deceit that have surfaced since Twitter went X, the House went Republican and the “cone of silence” imposed by the Biden administration began to leak.  There is now direct evidence that Dr. Francis Collins, then head of the National Institutes of Health and Fauci conspired to “take down” (Collins’ words) the Great Barrington Declaration.  As the former head of Florida’s Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, I was an early signatory to this commonsense proposal that called for more focused preventative measures.  Had their recommendations been followed, schools would have remained open and massive education losses averted, lockdowns would not have happened, businesses would not have shuttered, and America would not have had to waste trillions of dollars to revive an economy we had needlessly sabotaged.  It turns out the Barrington doctors were right and Collins and Fauci were wrong.  I haven’t heard any apologies, have you?

The American people also have seen compelling evidence that the Covid virus itself likely came from a lab leak in Wuhan and not through animal-to-human transmission as Fauci consistently maintained while in office.  Matt Taibbi has written convincingly on Fauci’s duplicity here.

The silence continues

The Biden administration could have convened a bipartisan national commission to examine the nation’s response to the Covid pandemic.  It refused to.  As a result, as Douglas Murray explains here, there has been a cratering of confidence in our public health officials and other vital institutions.  Look no further than the current abysmal compliance with Covid booster vaccinations.  The public isn’t buying what CDC and Big Pharma are selling.  Distrust is the inevitable consequence when government doesn’t shoot straight with the American people.

Facui, like me, was raised a Catholic.  Good for him for confessing for prevaricating on social distancing.  While he no longer professes this faith, he certainly knows that a good confession requires the penitent to confess all his sins, make reparation to those harmed, and firmly resolve to sin no more.  He would be doing his country an enormous service if he finally came clean and stopped the dissembling and obfuscating about what he did and why.  No one expected perfection from him.  We simply expected honesty.

(The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Aging with Dignity and/or its Board of Directors.)


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