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My Five Wishes (Hopes) for 2024

Each is critical to human dignity and our future
January 5th, 2024

January 4, 2024

By Jim Towey

I have my five wishes for 2024, and I’m not referring to Aging with Dignity’s Five Wishes advance care planning program that has helped tens of millions of Americans.

My five wishes refer to my highest hopes for the new year.

Wish one: Mothers, motherhood and marriage

Our world needs to recapture an awareness of the transforming grace mediated by mothers and grandmothers for generations past and present, and the tenderness, beauty, strength, grit and courage that are the attributes of motherhood and marriage.  

Where would this world be without caring mothers and committed marriages?  You’ve heard the expression, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”  But when there is no mother’s hand rocking the cradle and no maternal gaze revealing to the little one his or her unique goodness, the child usually suffers.

Yes, fathers are important, and the Bible frequently exhorts the return of the hearts of fathers toward their children – a message that bears repeating, particularly when so many men have abandoned their parental responsibilities.

But the power of motherhood is like no other.  Unfortunately, our culture today denigrates it.  Mothers are called “birthing persons” by some, when in fact, to be a mother is a very privileged, feminine calling.  It encompasses those who have never had biological children.  Foster moms, teachers, health care professionals, and others who have no natural children of their own are tremendous mothers.  Mother Teresa of Calcutta numbered among that group.

Mothers make the world go round and marriage makes the rearing of children the likeliest path toward human flourishment.  Marriage is a vital institution.  It teaches other-mindedness, the art of loving, forgiving and accepting of differences.  A society which demeans marriage and motherhood is destined for barrenness.  Young people need to think of marriage as perhaps the surest path toward personal growth and fulfillment.  Women who devote their lives to the raising of children deserve honor, not ridicule.

Wish two: Artificial intelligence

Time for America to wake up to what AI is doing to our way of life as these tech billionaires strip-mine humanity.  AI is the hook masquerading as the worm.  In the unsuspecting public’s zeal for efficiency, profit, scientific and medical breakthroughs, and unfathomable technological advancement, we have swallowed big tech’s lies about AI.  Because AI imitates human thought and behavior, it will always tend toward the dominance of humans.  It tears apart human connectivity and attacks the dignity of work.  It will positively eliminate many blue- and white-collar jobs on a scale no global recession could (it already has; government workers, you’re next!).  Siri is a Trojan Horse.  The bogus defense that AI is like what electricity was to fire, is wishful thinking.  Time to wake up to the reality of AI’s attack on humanity.  I am not convinced it can be regulated or used safely.  Military and surveillance experts know this.  This year I will be writing extensively on this subject.

Wish three:  Assisted suicide

Canada’s Orwellian romance with legalized, de facto euthanasia teaches America that so-called “medical aid in dying” is nothing but a thinly-veiled and lethal attack on the mentally ill, poor, disabled, lonely and all those with no money, relations or clout to protect themselves from the budget- and health care-cutters.  Here, too, I will be writing extensively.

Wish four: Our next president

American voters deserve a better choice than Donald Trump or Joe Biden.  I’ve been wishing this for awhile and I pray the miraculous happens and our country is spared the choice between two people who have no business or right whatsoever to run for this high office.  The world faces unprecedented challenges.  Leaders unite people in the pursuit of noble causes in difficult times.  These two men can’t and won’t.  The third-party candidates on the ballot only increase the instability because the next president might be elected with less than 40% of the popular vote.  Do we really want to be the Netherlands where no single leader has a governing mandate and splintered groups vie for power?

Wish five: Spiritual Renewal

America is one nation under God.  “Under God” has always rested on the Judeo-Christian foundational stones, the ten commandments.  When there is no binding moral code taught to our youth and aspired to by all, a poisonous relativism invades the nation’s lifeblood.  Without the social consensus that killing, lying, stealing, cheating, disregarding our elders, dishonoring marital vows, and so forth are wrong because God said so, society breaks down.  Each of us has a free will given to us by our Creator.  If we choose to remember and honor God’s sovereignty, then freedom flourishes.  “In God We Trust” can’t just be a slogan on our currency.

May the Golden Rule rule in 2024!


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