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A New Hampshire Doctor Speaks Out

Assisted suicide legislation in New Hampshire will “normalize artificial death”
February 14th, 2024

“Doctors hold immense power — and with that comes immense responsibility,” writes emergency room physician Aida Cerundolo. “The integrity of our profession hinges on the belief that all humans are worthy of life.  Once doctors assign value to life based on human circumstances or any other attributes, our oath to “do no harm” is in jeopardy.”  Cerundolo was writing in opposition to pending assisted suicide state legislation.  “Life, regardless of circumstances, can be supported and ameliorated with many available therapies today. No one must suffer. Doctors should inform patients of all treatment options that best fit their needs and wishes.  But the medical assistance in dying bill, House Bill 1283, shifts the focus from care of the terminally ill that provides comfort and dignity to participation in artificial death.”

Read More:  The New Hampshire Union Leader


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