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Experiencing the ‘Thin Place’ Between Heaven and Earth

It’s where we go for calm, comfort and peace. Season 4, Episode 7
June 15th, 2023

In this week’s episode, counselor Kathryn Clark describes the Gaelic term, ‘Caol Áit’, the “thin place between heaven and earth,” as moments that we experience our deceased loved one’s presence in our lives.  Oftentimes in the grieving process, people share that they have felt their deceased love one’s presence with them in prayer or at certain locations.  Clarke says whether you experience these moments at a church or, as one woman she mentions said “on the third step going down the stairs,” hold on to the consolation that these moments bring you.

Kathryn Clarke is a widely-respected public speaker on the spiritual life and the author of The Breakable Vow (Harpercollins 2004), The Map (Backpack Productions LLC), and The Backpack Program (Backpack Productions LLC). She is married, the mother of six children, and lives in Ireland.


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