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Five Artificial Intelligence and Data Predictions for 2023

Will A.I. become more user-friendly?
November 16th, 2022

In Aging with Dignity’s “What We Believe,” we state:  “Advances in ‘tech medicine’ and artificial intelligence can help as long as people are its masters, and robots do not replace human beings in the provision of health and long-term care.”  We regularly monitor developments in artificial intelligence and saw this on the subject.  While not specifically about health care, it addresses another “depersonalization” issue: chatbots. 

“In 2023, organizations will finally be able to complement chatbots with Natural Language Search capabilities. Because Natural Language Search understands human language and can process unstructured text-based data (documents, etc.), individuals can phrase questions using their own words—as if they were speaking to a person—and receive all of the relevant answers back instantly.”

Read More: Information Today, INC.


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