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Is Canada’s Assisted Suicide Regime Soon to Come to America?

“It is a cancer, and like any cancer…it always spreads.”
May 30th, 2023

Commentator Matt Walsh looks at Canada and the spread of physician-assisted suicide (known as “medical aid in dying”) and euthanasia there.  Walsh sees a similar pattern in the U.S., driven in part by the cost savings that come to health systems and payers.  “To take care of sick people is expensive, but if you kill them, then you save a bunch of money, it turns out.  Who cares about human life anyway when there’s money to be saved?”  Walsh notes that in Canada, one needn’t have a terminal condition or even be an adult to request doctor-assisted death.  He points to a society that has lost its founding in religious belief.  “So it’s only natural that a society like that would gradually assume more God-like powers, including the power to decide who dies and when they die.”

Read more: The Daily Wire


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