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The Fruits of Acknowledging Kindness

Seeing everyone around us as good and loved. Season 4, Episode 11
August 10th, 2023

In this week’s episode, counselor Kathryn Clarke encourages us to celebrate the goodness in others.  How often do we acknowledge the kindness of others in our daily life?  Sometimes we can become so wrapped up in our own life that we cannot not see, feel and appreciate the presence of others. 

Clarke tells the story of a woman who shared with others how she felt loved by her husband because of a simple thing he does for her.  “That makes me feel seen and loved by him.”  Clarke encourages us to reflect and see where our loved ones go above and beyond to make sure we feel loved and seen. “And when we notice, let’s give it to them and thank them for their goodness,” Clarke says.

Kathryn Clarke is a widely-respected public speaker on the spiritual life and the author of The Breakable Vow (Harpercollins 2004), The Map (Backpack Productions LLC), and The Backpack Program (Backpack Productions LLC). She is married, the mother of six children, and lives in Ireland.


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