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What Canada’s Euthanasia Advocates Ask Us to Believe

Why those with chronic conditions and disabilities are right to fear they’re next
July 26th, 2023

“Americans tend to know curiously little about the extraordinary euthanasia regime that has recently emerged in Canada,” begins The Bulwark’s Dhananjay Jagannathan.  “The government calls it Medical Assistance in Dying, or MAiD—a sanitized acronym that evokes helpfulness and compassion.”  Since its Canadian beginnings in 2016, today about 99% of the MAID deaths are by doctor-administered euthanasia, not physician-assisted suicide where the patient self-administers the deadly medication prescribed by the doctor.  And the restrictions on MAID put in place in 2016 have slowly eroded to where Canada is about to make MAID legally available to those with chronic conditions and disabilities, including those with mental health challenges. 

Advocacy groups are having none of it.  “These groups are demanding that the medical and political establishment live up to an ideal they no doubt espouse: that those who live with chronic conditions and disabilities have lives that are equally worth living, equally worth protecting and cherishing and celebrating, as those of their able-bodied compatriots.”

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