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Where Are the Senior Caregivers We Need?

By 2040, there will be more than twice as many old people as in 2000. Who will care for them?
February 23rd, 2023

A recent U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee hearing focused primarily on workforce challenges facing physician, nurse, dental and mental health providers, “but shortages in the long-term care industry are projected to eclipse those in all other healthcare sectors,” writes Argentum CEO James Balda.  “The senior living industry lost more than 100,000 positions in the first 20 months of the pandemic…the senior living workforce currently is at its lowest levels since May 2015.  Today, 96% of senior living communities are facing staff shortages, and 61% are concerned that the staffing shortages might force them to close.”  With the number of elderly increasing, from where will the senior caregivers of tomorrow come?

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