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Who Should Stop Unethical AI Research?

More are taking a second look at the potential downsides
February 15th, 2021

“’Reviewers are well placed to be ethical gatekeepers in some respects, because they’re close to this research. They have good technical knowledge,’ [University of Maryland information scientist Katie] Shilton said. ‘But lots and lots of folks in computer science have not been trained in research ethics.’ ​Knowing when to raise questions about a paper may, in itself, require a level of ethical education that many researchers lack. Furthermore, deciding whether research methods are ethical is relatively simple compared with questioning the ethical aspects of a technology’s potential downstream effects. It’s one thing to point out when a researcher is researching wrong. ‘It is much harder to say, “This line of research shouldn’t exist,”’ Shilton said.”

Read the full article:  The New Yorker


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