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Artificial Intelligence

Aging with Dignity monitors the expanded use of A.I. in care settings to ensure that technological advances are placed as servants of humanity, not as masters.

Survey Says: 2 in 3 Docs Concerned About AI Driving Diagnosis, Treatment Decisions

ChatGPT vs. Human Intelligence

ChatGPT vs. Human Intelligence, Part 2

ChatGPT vs. Human Intelligence, Part 3

Hospital Bosses love AI. Doctors and Nurses are Worried: Washington Post

What ‘Oppenheimer’ Tells Us About Our Tomorrow: Jim Towey

Four Big Questions About the Internet and Artificial Intelligence: Paul Kingsnorth

Artificial Intelligence Scams the Elderly: Jim Towey

On the Sudden Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence: Unreported Truths

A Mental Health Tech Company Ran an AI Experiment on Real Users: NBC News

A.I. in Health Care: What Happened?Politico

Artificial Intelligence and its Threat to Our Humanity Part 1

Artificial Intelligence and its Threat to Our Humanity Part 2

Artificial Intelligence as Psychotherapist?: Psychology Today

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Therapists?: Psychology Today

Artificial General Intelligence Is Not as Imminent as You Might Think: Scientific American

Google AI ‘is sentient,’ Software Engineer Claims Before Being Suspended: Live Science

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How Artificial Intelligence Exploded Over the Past Decade:  Popular Mechanics

Jim Towey Comments on Medical Technology and Maintaining Human Dignity

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Can A.I. Replace Human Therapists?: Wall Street Journal

Who Should Stop Unethical AI Research?: The New Yorker

Millions of Americans Have Lost Jobs in the Pandemic—And Robots and AI Are Replacing Them Faster Than Ever:  Time Magazine

Can the Government Regulate Deepfakes?:  Wall Street Journal

The Panopticon is Already Here:  The Atlantic

AI, Drones and 4K Cameras: New Tech Boosts Security Systems in JapanThe Japan Times

A New Horizon: Expanding the AI Landscape:  MIT Technology Review

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Predictions for AI-Powered Digital Healthcare in 2021:  MedCity News

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Is the Genie Out of the Bottle?Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Caregiver Gap:  Life Matters Media

The Promise and Pitfalls of Using Robots to Care for the Elderly:  Digital Trends

Robots will never be able to caringly care but they will be able to do things technically better” – Irish Times

Why AI is Important to Seniors and Their Family Caregivers:  Senior Care Corner

Transforming Diabetes Care Through Artificial Intelligence:  PubMed.gov

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