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The “Greatest Aim” of Life

Introducing a new video series for caregivers and the cared-for
April 1st, 2021

by Jim Towey

In 1985, on my first visit to Mother Teresa’s home for the dying, I saw a quote from her on a small sign hanging on the wall near the entrance.  It read, “The greatest aim in human life is to die at peace with God.”

As I got to know her over the course of the next 12 years before she died, I grew to understand that this “peace” she described wasn’t a destination or state of mind, but rather, a commitment of the heart, mind and soul.  She taught that the best way to “die at peace with God” was to learn how to live at peace with God, ourselves, and our neighbors, particularly those in need. 

But how does one find that peace, and help others find it, especially those seriously ill or near death? 

New Series

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Aging with Dignity is pleased to inaugurate an important series of video talks designed to assist caregivers and the cared-for alike.  This content comes along with your membership (which also is free). 

Two very gifted professionals, Kathryn Anne Clarke and Margaret McGahon (who happen to be mother and daughter), have agreed to provide to our 140,000-and-growing membership their wisdom on how to find that same peace that Mother Teresa described. 

Over the course of the next year, they will address important subjects like personal accompaniment; life review; dealing with loss, regret and grief; nurturing acceptance; dealing with the fear of dying alone or forgotten; and very specially, prayer and communion with our God and Creator.   

Confronting Mortality

The first in this series (which will be refreshed with new sessions at least weekly) is on the subject of confronting mortality.  You can view it here

Kathryn Clarke is known world-wide for her insights on God, inner healing, and “the eternal life which awaits us” (her words).  Her works as author include The Map and The Backpack Program, as well as other spiritual books.  Margaret is an accredited psychodynamic psychotherapist with extensive background and teaching experience in psychology and counseling, and has created several human development programs, including Deeper Living.  She also is the author of Trauma and Belief: An Irish Perspective.  Both women live in Ireland.

Let me know what you think of their talks, ok?  In this season of the year where so many in the world contemplate the mystery of death and new life, I hope our new series equips you well as you commit to and pursue what Mother Teresa described as life’s “greatest aim.”


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