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21st Century Challenges

Modern medical care has become increasingly depersonalized, and the rapid advance of artificial intelligence threatens to further de-humanize health care. Aging with Dignity responds to these challenges by helping Americans know how to assert their rights and get the care they deserve. Through its educational programs, advocacy efforts, toll-free hotline, advance care planning, and free membership services, Aging with Dignity has become a reliable friend they can trust. It has maintained its independence and receives no grants or funding from government, health care providers, insurance companies, or others with a financial stake in the decisions patients and their families make.

Some groups today propose assisted suicide and euthanasia, and others defend medical practices that often lead to the provision of futile care and the artificial prolongation of the dying process. Aging with Dignity rejects either of these unacceptable extremes and instead promotes an alternative vision that protects the right of patients to make informed decisions and receive humane care worthy of their greatness as children of God.

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