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What We Believe

  • Every person has the right to age with dignity.
  • This right is conferred by God, not government, and exists regardless of one’s health, wealth, race or creed.
  • The primary need of every human is to love and be loved and this is most acutely true in times of increased dependence on others.
  • People are gifts from God, not burdens to society. They are no less valuable when they are sick and are not defined by their diagnosis and incapacitation.
  • Dying is not simply a medical moment but a deeply personal, spiritual and emotional time.
  • Patients have the right to decide the kind of medical treatment they want or don’t want when they are gravely ill.
  • Assisted-suicide and euthanasia are not compassionate choices for those suffering; better pain management, accompaniment, and humane treatment are.
  • Improving end-of-life care and decision-making is urgently needed, particularly for the elderly poor, disabled and mentally ill who cannot afford their illnesses.
  • Those who suffer and are near death deserve the warmth of human accompaniment.
  • Advances in “tech medicine” and artificial intelligence can help as long as people are its masters, and robots do not replace human beings in the provision of health and long-term care.

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