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Friends having coffee

“Deal” Friends vs. Real Friends

Who can be happy without friends? Maybe it’s time for a friendship check-up.
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Diverse group

New Study Shows Racial/Cultural Disparities

Clinicians have a harder time discussing advance care planning with some groups. Why?
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Margaret McGahon: Confronting Mortality

Learning how to live at peace with God, ourselves and our neighbors, particularly those in need. Episode 1
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Good Better Best

Are You Dreaming Too Big?

Three positive steps you can take to reduce anxiety about goal-setting
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robot sitting behind table

Can A.I. Replace Human Therapists?

Instead of a human counselor, soon you may be talking with a chatbot
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person in wheelchair looking out window

Towey: Open Nursing Home Doors

The elderly suffer when cut off from family, society
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Facial Recognition System concept

Don’t Worry, Be Happy…or Else

Is What China is Doing Now a Preview of What is to Come Here?
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Balancing over canyon

No Need to Fear Failure

Three great ways to face your fear and overcome it
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