Programs for Healthcare and Workplace

Five Wishes is an easy-to-use legal document that helps you express your wishes ahead of a serious illness. In addition to medical and legal issues, Five Wishes deals with matters of comfort and maintaining dignity, as well as the many personal, family and spiritual concerns people say matter most. It is the most popular advance directive in America (more than 35 million copies), and is available in 29 languages.

What started as a grassroots effort has since grown into a national initiative to train the next generation of clinicians, including doctors, nurses and social workers. In partnership with educational institutions and national and regional health systems, the program has trained more than 7,000 clinicians on how to better use advance care planning to help their patients. The Five Wishes at Work program has helped organizations of all sizes offer advance care planning as a low-cost employee benefit for workers with elder-caregiving responsibilities.


Aging with Dignity has used its formidable influence and political clout on behalf of the nation's elderly, disabled and mentally ill, and for all seeking better end-of-life care and decision-making. Whether testifying before a United States Senate committee, appearing on a “Fox News Sunday” or NBC “Today Show” broadcasts, publishing in the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, or serving as trusted counsel to governors and legislators, Aging with Dignity has a proud tradition of effective advocacy.


More than 40,000 diverse organizations form a nationwide Five Wishes network that advocates for individuals and families. These organizations include healthcare, financial planners, faith communities, attorneys, funeral providers, community organizations and cultural groups – all of whom receive regular Aging with Dignity alerts and information on the topics that matter most to them.


This pilot project began in 2004 and provides hands-on help to vulnerable elderly in two rural Florida counties. It combats loneliness among shut-ins and others, and was praised for its humanitarian relief efforts after successive hurricanes ravaged the area in 2018.


Aging with Dignity provides daily assistance to all those who need guidance on advance care planning, or are in crisis.

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