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Silence as the Gateway to Grace

It’s hard to have a good “interior life” amidst constant noise. Season 4, Episode 10
August 3rd, 2023

In this week’s episode, we return to counselor Kathryn Clarke on “moments of grace” and separating ourselves from the daily noise as a way of achieving it.  She says we live in an environment of constant stimulation and distractions, so it’s only when we separate ourselves from the noise that we can hear God speak to us.  She encourages us to work on our “interior life” and practice meditating or praying in silence.

Clarke also highlights the dangers of Artificial Intelligence and its threat to our own humanity and our ability to think for ourselves. 

Kathryn Clarke is a widely-respected public speaker on the spiritual life and the author of The Breakable Vow (Harpercollins 2004), The Map (Backpack Productions LLC), and The Backpack Program (Backpack Productions LLC). She is married, the mother of six children, and lives in Ireland.


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